Well, you’ve somehow managed to stumble across a moderately-sized heap of abstruse and (quite possibly) laborious reading material. That is to say, the topics with which I choose to concern myself may have no pertinence to anything that’s really interesting. However, if it’s in you to reconcile the more tender and less pragmatic beliefs of your heart with the empirical attitudes of the reigning academic strata, you may be intrigued to discover, I attempt to do just that with many of the writings herein. This prominent branch of my work, antithetical to strict empiricism, is characterized by a philosophical belief in truth (or sat) and places emphasis on the underlying mantras of both eastern (Oriental) and western (Christian) religion through devotional focus. All such ballyhoo aside, when my mother gets angry she calls me Edmond, and my good friend Rodrigo refers to me as Simone; but you may know me as Simon Chevalier. You’ll encounter more than just vain ramblings on this site; I have a bit of poetry and fiction too. Please look around, and comment if you find something you like (or disagree with)! I will not hesitate to respond.

4 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. I just glimpsed the amazing shots you captured during your controlled burn
    exercise. The lighting and subtleties of your subjects are brilliant…showing the glory of God.
    Keep catching the miraculous moments of life🌞


  2. Simon,
    Of your many genres of writing, your poetry and short stories are among
    my favorites! I just finished reading ” True North” and “One spirit” and fondly recall
    “The Ambush.” I continue to be amazed and inspired by the poignancy, rhythm and musical
    quality of your language.. but the hallo of your poetry is it’s depth it’s message, it’s soul.
    I will read them all…but slowly , to chew, to taste, to enjoy and ultimately to swallow their truth,
    The Truth. Thank you for sharing your gift and the true giver who makes us all real, authentic,
    and everlasting!

    With great love and appreciation
    Leigh Anne Chevalier (mom)


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